Christopher Tignor

In the 90’s Christopher Tignor immersed himself in minimalism, working as an assistant for LaMonte Young while learning sound engineering on the job at a New York contemporary music festival produced by Philip Glass. He went on to refine his skills mixing live sound for bands at two of New York’s seminal clubs, CBGB’s and Brownies. During this time Tignor also studied computer science, developing his unique software instruments for processing sounds. He released, composed, and produced 3 albums with his band Slow Six, and two albums with his high-energy duo Wires Under Tension. Tignor has also contributed his skills as violinist and string arranger both in the studio and on tour to This Will Destroy You, John Congleton’s Nighty Nite, Lymbyc Systym, and Meshell Ndegeocell.



Selected Press

Listening is like slipping into a warm aural bath...Tignor's beguiling compositions move seamlessly through several stages of development, often ending up somewhere distant from where they appeared to be headed at the outset.

  • WIRE
  • The gorgeous orchestration and complex rhythms make this album an engrossing, compulsive listening experience...8/10

  • Foxy Digitalis
  • Chris Tignor's gently evocative postminimalist reveries prove one of the year's most pleasant surprises.

  • Time Out New York (Top 10 Classical Albums)
  • Making computers coexist in harmony with acoustic instruments in a live setting is more easily imagined than achieved. But Christopher Tignor, a young composer and performer shaped as much by his work in downtown nightclubs as by his formal education at Bard College and New York University, proves that it can be done.

  • The New York Times