Young Moon

Trevor Montgomery is a craftsman. By day he's a skilled tile setter, a job taxing to both the mind and body. By night he's an equally meticulous and hard working musician, coaxing just the right tones out of his vintage drum machines and synths to carry his tales of love and redemption. As a tile setter and as a musician, his job is the same: assembling things of beauty to fill empty spaces.
Montgomery's previous album The Trickster (St. Ives) was inspired by his youth, wandering in the woods, riding trains, taking meth and heavy psychedelics, and narrowly cheating death on more than one occasion. On Navigated Like the Swan, his debut under the Young Moon moniker, he emerges like a shaman from the woods of his youth -- his darkness is filled with light, cynicism and macabre fixations washed away by a revitalizing and intoxicating love.



Selected Press

…his intimate tales of love and death are…garnished by a compelling sense of discomfort and guilt.

  • Pitchfork
  • …proves that it has love to give, but only if you hold your arms and ears wide open.

  • Tiny Mix Tapes
  • …he delivers something powerful and heartfelt, somewhere between Nick Cave and Leonard Cohen.

  • Consequence of Sound
  • It engulfs the listener—and sometimes even the narrator...

  • Wall Street Journal
  • Montgomery never yells, he never pitches a fit, yet in his quiet way he still gets your attention.

  • Pop Matters
  • …a strong effort executed with focused clarity.

  • Ear Buddy