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Track List

  1. Tides I
  2. Tides II
  3. Tides III
  4. Tides IV
  5. Tides V
  6. Tides VI
  7. Tides VII
  8. Tides VIII
  9. Tides IX
  10. Tides X

Tranquil, playful, and full of life, the ten pieces on Tides were carefully designed to enhance one's environment. The album opens with a 14-minute piece that unfolds like the soundtrack to daybreak, as muted rhythms, shimmering swells, and fluttering tremolos slowly give way to an insistent, almost aboriginal pulse. As the album progresses, each song travels along a vibrant wave, with resonant drones, and brief melodic gestures that mirror patterns of the natural world, while keeping pace with the beat of a serene human heart. After experiencing the gently kinetic and undulating energy of Tides, it's not surprising to find out these pieces were originally created as an audio accompaniment to yoga classes.


Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith

Carl Saff