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Track List

  1. N R.O.T.
  2. Aidos
  3. kt
  4. Where She Lives Everyday
  5. Blue R.O.T.
  6. Las Cruces
  7. Princes of Daughters
  8. Memento Mori
  9. Red R.O.T.
  10. The Turning Bull
  11. Learning To Love Her Lazy Eye
  12. Pay Attention
  13. Esther's Vice
  14. Deming
  15. Sick on Elizabeth

"Bexar Bexar's debut album on Western Vinyl is 15 songs of instrumental ambience and gentleness, open and clear and delivered well. Reminding the listener of the finer moments from such artists as Mum and Tortoise, the songs flow together so smoothly that the album is over before you realize it. Bexar Bexar can definitely pull the senses in, evoking memories of sunny autumn afternoons or lazy Sunday mornings snuggled underneath layers of warm blankets. The music is composed of mild electronic sounds, mellow guitar tones, upbeat loops, and a good deal of ambience is noted on Haralambos, as well. And whether feelings generated from the songs are akin to the stark melancholy of looking upon a freshly fallen snow or the hopeful joy of waking to a fresh autumn day, this is one hell of a great album." - All Music Guide


Bexar Bexar