Voices and Organs

Deluxe 6-panel digipak CD.
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Track List

  1. Melodika
  2. Any Day Now play
  3. Trees Are Bending
  4. Staircase Attic Window
  5. Reaching for the Trees
  6. Idle Words #1
  7. Ghostwriting
  8. Nestlings
  9. Through The City
  10. As We Grew Young
  11. Sundays
  12. Boychild
  13. Screamer
  14. Singer
  15. Back and Forth
  16. Polyphony
  17. Idle Words #2
  18. Orphans

Our idea was to create music emerging from specific ideas; might it be cities, photographs or bicycles. It was (and still is) about trying to get a hold of feelings, making something precious of our precious memories.
Orphanage began as a collection of short stories and when we started transforming these stories into songs we didn't want to just add melody and rhythm to fixated words but capture the orphans’ with/in sound. Eventually only half a page of text made it to the album (originally being eleven)...and when words were used, we sung them the way they appeared in the stories and not as regular verses or choruses, like a Wagner opera but much more low-key.
We didn't want the album to be seen as a collection of songs about a certain subject but rather as a great mix-tape where you can't tell the number of tracks or how long they are. Because early, we realized that not all childhood memories are as direct as 3 minute pop songs. Some are obvious where others fail to get through to you, some are grandiose where others are faint and sometimes all you can grasp is a scent. But then again, once in a while they are pop songs indeed.
The way grainy pictures can come out clear if you let them fill up a wall, we noticed that some of the melodies became so diffuse that we had to hide them beneath noises and voices to make them appear. Maybe that is why the album sounds (to us, that is) so large and small at the same time. -V&O