Bexar Bexar


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Track List

  1. Sweet Devil
  2. Listening to Your Party
  3. Tearing Apart the Noise She Makes
  4. Oil Thumbprints
  5. Cotton in the Grossness
  6. The Messy Message
  7. Patterned Like Lovers
  8. A Little More South
  9. Window Piece
  10. Unsettled and Unable

Leaving behind the repetitious loops and percussion of Haralambos, Bexar Bexar's new album, Tropism, relies primarily on acoustic guitar. A few simple acoustic recordings served as the source material, which would be chopped, stretched, processed, and filtered. One guitar note became a tree full of cicadas, while another transformed into a deep oceany drone. Ultimately each recording was deconstructed and used to reconstruct something completely new. Far more complex and subtle than Haralambos, Tropism slowly reveals its intricate details over multiple listens.


Bexar Bexar