All Will Prosper

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Track List

  1. The Death of General Wolfe
  2. Ashoken Farewell
  3. All Quiet On The Potomac
  4. Amazing Grace
  5. Dixie
  6. The Flag of Columbia Shall Float O'er Us Still
  7. The Ballad of Barbara Allen
  8. Johnny Has Gone For A Soldier
  9. Battle Cry of Freedom
  10. Shenandoah play
  11. Who'll Save the Left?
  12. Just Before the Battle Mother
  13. The Yellow Rose of Texas
  14. Bonnie Blue Flag
  15. When Johnny Comes Marching Home

All Will Prosper, Keith Kenniff's latest album under the Goldmund moniker, is a collection of 14 traditional Civil War-era folk songs and one contemporary track "Asoken Farewell." Kenniff has always been a student of Civil War history and culture. From the Ken Burns documentary series on PBS to Bill Carothers' solo piano album The Blues and The Greys, he has studied and enjoyed the music that tied friends and families together in a time when the nation was being torn apart.
Recorded over a period of 5 years in various houses in Massachusetts, Oregon, and North Carolina, Kenniff's arrangements feel fresh and intimate, while retaining the wistful charms and timeless appeal of the originals. In part the album's intimacy is created by his recording technique. With the top of the piano left completely open, microphones were placed close enough to capture the mechanical movement of the keys being pressed and the pedals squeaking. Similarly the acoustic guitar is close-mic'd, tracing the sounds of his fingers scraping and plucking the metal strings. The result creates a rich, almost hyper-real environment, where the tiniest details are magnified and brought to the surface.
More than capturing the pain, struggles, and loss associated with war, Kenniff's arrangements shine with the hopefulness, and enduring strength and determination of individuals, and the nation as a whole, after the war. Despite the loss and obstacles that lie ahead, these are songs to accompany the healing and rebirth of a nation full of potential and moving forward.


Keith Kenniff

Keith Kenniff

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