J. Tillman

Wild Honey Never Stolen / Borne Away On a Black Barge

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Deluxe limited edition 70 gram 7" vinyl
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Track List

  1. Wild Honey Never Stolen
  2. Black Barge

These two tiny songs, one being "Wild Honey Never Stolen" and the other being one called "Borne Away On A Black Barge" are little stories about a post-apocalypse landscape and a reworking of the last stand of King Arthur, respectively. Both were meant to be more or less sing-alongs, the idea of including lyrics and sheet music was considered, but it was ultimately decided that that would be pretentious and weird. Josh plays guitar, piano, bass, banjo, mandolin and a lot of drums and Bill Patton plays ukulele. This limited edition 70 gram 7" record features original artwork by Toby Liebowitz.


J. Tillman with Bill Patton

Kory Kruckenberg

Ed Brooks (RFI)