Dirty Projectors

Slaves' Graves and Ballads

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Beautiful 6-panel digipak CD with mesmerizing drawings and layout by Dave Longstreth
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Track List

  1. Somberly Kimberly
  2. On the Beach
  3. (Throw On) The Hazard Lights
  4. Slaves' Graves
  5. Grandfathers Hanging
  6. We Are Swaddled
  7. Hazard Lights
  8. A Labor More Restful
  9. Unmoved
  10. Ladies You Have Exiled Me
  11. Because Your Light Is Turning Green
  12. Obscure Wisdom
  13. This Weather
  14. Since I Opened

Dave Longstreth is the man behind, or perhaps in front of, the music called Dirty Projectors. Longstreth wrote half of Slaves' Graves and Ballads, the follow-up to last year's critically-acclaimed debut, The Glad Fact, for a ten-piece chamber group called The Orchestral Society for the Preservation of the Orchestra. This first half, Slaves' Graves, was recorded in a church in New Haven, CT. The Ballads were recorded with guru and quaking soul man Adam Forkner of Yume Bitsu at Dub Narcotic Studios, in Olympia, WA. Witness Longstreth use GM technology to restore maize to its original, feral genetic makeup, before the advent of domestication: this is classical and pop music’s bodies-entwined, souls-commingled wedding! Their child doesn't have one white eye and one Asian one; rather, he sees differently.


Dave Longstreth, Yasemin Schatz, Emily Rostetter, Hank Miller, Sam Bernstein, Elana Arian, Jon Zalben, Ezra Seltzer, Adam Bloniarz & Adam Forkner

Dave Longstreth at Dwight Chapel, Adam Forkner at Dub Narcotic

Jason Nesmith