Activity are an avant four-piece featuring Travis Johnson, and drummer Steve Levine, both from the band Grooms, bassist Bri DiGioia, and guitarist Jess Rees from Russian Baths.  Produced by engineer Jeff Berner of Psychic TV, their music forms a casually menacing framework for lyrical themes of paranoia, exposed character flaws, and the broader human capacity for growth when an ugly truth is laid bare.



Selected Press

Lynchian...hooky and memorable while still giving you the creeps. In a good way.

  • Brooklyn Vegan
  • …the kind of record that could help you discover the hidden truths in your life...the wispy vocals, wild guitar riffs, and ominous, bare bones melodies…conjure feelings of paranoia and general unease that could help one face uncomfortable questions of right and wrong, love, and loneliness.

  • …melodically wonky and rhythmically insistent…This music strains at the leash, held tightly in check by the motorik rhythms, while gaseous synths seek to permeate all corners of the soundscape.

  • Dusted
  • …a beautiful, detailed LP of wonder.