Peter Broderick

So far it seems that Peter Broderick is a human being born on the planet Earth. He has been known to sit on airplanes and in cars a lot, traveling around to perform in front of fellow Earthlings. He has also been known to sit in front of a computer or other technological device in order to capture his so-called ‘music’ and share it with other human beings so they can, for instance, listen to it on their headphones while taking a walk, seemingly ignoring all else that is going on. Others might take a particular song and use it during a love-making scene of a mainstream television program such as “Grey’s Anatomy”, known for inducing tears, particularly amongst females. Mr. Broderick has been known to play music with a lot of other people, such as the band Efterklang, who’s name he has never quite felt comfortable pronouncing, and other, lesser known acts which are of no less value to him: Chantal Acda, David Allred, Félicia Atkinson, Heather Woods Broderick, Brumes, Greg Haines, Horse Feathers, MayMay, Brigid Mae Power, Rauelsson, Shelley Short, etc. etc. etc… If you search you will find many a recording with something or other credited to the fingers or mouth of Peter Broderick. Who is Peter Broderick? He himself certainly doesn’t pretend to know, and would prefer to revel in the mystery of it as opposed to coming up with a solid definition which would likely become outdated very quickly.


Selected Press

Broderick's score is surpassingly lovely...

  • Pitchfork
  • This effect on the listener is the music’s greatest achievement. Even without the accompanying dance performance, each phase of this piece articulates a sense of internal struggle and sketches an atmosphere of repression in a sterilised world.

  • Drowned in Sound
  • Broderick succeeds in composing music that, while certainly melancholic, possesses a hopeful, nostalgic, and even playful quality at times.

  • Tiny Mix Tapes