Wires Under Tension

Wires.Under.Tension is a duo based in The South Bronx. Combining homegrown audio sampling instruments with ferocious beats and adventurous orchestration, WUT's angular gymnastics reflect the raw imagery of their home turf. Multi-instrumentalist Christopher Tignor switches dexterously between violin and the rest of the arsenal while Theo Metz extracts brutal truths from the kit. Together WUT is rethinking what instrumental music can be about when musicianship and restless experimentation rule the scene.

Selected Press

Like Tortoise fueled by Hot 97, the cycling minimalist rhythms of violinist Christopher Tignor and drummer Theo Metz are more a suckerpunch than a slow boil, aiming straight for the chiming, resonant and anthemic...

  • Village Voice
  • Light Science ends up being purely genius....fresh and unique, a brilliant light amidst all of the other dull groups who are generating “the same old thing.” Intriguing instruments and effects are used and combined to produce music that cannot be categorized.

  • Consequence of Sound
  • Absurdly talented duo Theo Metz and Christopher Tignor's hypnotic instrumental sprawl winds and curves in on itself, sounding like a romantic promenade jaunt for replicants.

  • The Guardian UK
  • ...Light Science casts dizzy spells on par with Andrew Bird's collaborations with Dosh.

  • Austin Powell, The Austin Chronicle
  • ...an innovative new approach to sound.

  • ...one of the most exciting new albums to emerge from the city in the last year.

  • NY Daily News
  • ...post-rock for a new era.

  • All Music Guide
  • a dense, fluid collection that retains consistency thanks to Metz’s steady rhythms. Electro-mechanical piano, clavinet, and synthesizers mesh with loops and samples to round out an impressive first release

  • Alarm Press