Ola Podrida

Ghosts Go Blind

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Track List

  1. Not Ready To Stop
  2. Fumbling For The Light
  3. Washing Away
  4. Blind To The Blues
  5. Staying In
  6. Ghosts Go Blind
  7. Speed of Light
  8. Some Sweet Relief
  9. The Notes Remain

David Wingo is a busy man. In the years since the release of his last record as Ola Podrida, he's written and recorded soundtracks for several movies including Take Shelter (winner of the Grand Prix at Cannes in 2011), MUD (starring Matthew McConaughey and Reese Witherspoon), and Prince Avalanche (starring Paul Rudd and Emile Hirsch and co-composed with Explosions In The Sky), both of which are seeing wide release this coming spring/summer. When he had time in between films, Wingo assembled a live band featuring Colin Swietek on guitars, Matt Clark on bass, and David Hobizal on drums and began to bring his new songs in to the band. A first for Ola Podrida, the new album Ghosts Go Blind was recorded to tape in a proper studio, mostly live, with the full band. The resulting songs are energetic and accessible, while Wingo's abstract narratives are more personal and intimate than ever.
Throughout the album bittersweet memories of youth are filtered through the nostalgic eyes of a man starting to accept his adult life for the first time. The album opens with last guy at the party pleading for someone to stay with him, and keep the revelry going a little longer. It's an almost cringeworthy desperation, and yet Wingo makes it feel relatable. The final refrain "It's no fun, being alone at the end" takes on a bigger meaning, giving you the feeling his friends have grown up and moved on, leaving him to decide how he'll proceed with his life. By the middle of the album, the character has evolved, now pleading with his partner again, but this time the goal is to stay home and shut out the world.
Part of what makes this album so satisfying is how elegantly Wingo uses the mundane, common events of day-to-day life to conjure tales of desperation, resignation, and reflection. The power of Wingo's storytelling is magnified by Swietek's shimmering riffs and Clark and Hobizal's alternately propulsive and restrained rhythms. In the end, Ghosts Go Blind is about finding someone you resonate with and want to grow old with, appreciating the carefree days of youth, and steadying yourself for whatever comes next.


David Wingo, Colin Swietek, Matt Clark & David Hobizal

Matt Oliver, Big Orange

Jerry Tubb, Terra Nova Digital Audio