Diane Coffee

Everybody's a Good Dog

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CD in glossy gatefold cardboard wallet. Vinyl features embossed text, and includes audio download and a printed inner sleeve
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Track List

  1. Spring Breathes
  2. Mayflower
  3. Soon To Be, Won't To Be
  4. Down With The Current
  5. Tams Up
  6. GovT
  7. Everyday
  8. Duet (feat. Felicia Douglas)
  9. Too Much Space Man
  10. I Dig You
  11. Not That Easy

Everybody’s A Good Dog is the first true realization of Shaun Fleming’s Little Shop of Horrors -meets-Aladdin Sane vision, recorded in a proper studio with an assortment of guest artists, horn section, and string ensemble (all firsts for Fleming). The resulting 11 tracks are a sky-scraping sound kaleidoscope, touched with euphoric instrumentation and dark lyricism.
Just as Diane Coffee’s debut LP, 2013’s ‘My Friend Fish,’ was inspired by Fleming’s move from sunny California to New York City, Everybody’s A Good Dog took shape after this former Disney child actor and current drummer for Foxygen uprooted again from NYC to the much smaller town of Bloomington, IN - “spontaneous moves have always helped to inspire my writing” he explains. This downsizing provided Fleming with a blank slate to create – “I missed the quiet. I missed having a fire. I missed the color green.”
The songs on Everybody’s A Good Dog capture this sense of clarity, channeling the New York Dolls or T-Rex at their strutting-est and Meatloaf at his most theatrical, with shades of Motown-worthy soul. The gentle psychedellia on opener “Spring Breathes” gives way to a pounding prog breakdown, “Mayflower” leads with a monster funk-fueled horn riff, while on “Tams Up” Fleming fronts his own one-man doo-wop group.


Shaun Fleming, Joey Lefitz, Jared Walker, Alex 'Prince Thomas' Arnold, Sam France (horns), Steve Okonski, Glenn Myers, Kyle 'Hoopty' Houpt (guitar), Emily Panic (bass), Felicia Douglass (vocals) Too Much Spaceman: Joey Lefitz (drums), Steve Okonski (organ), Chris Swanson, Dave Walters

Tim Smiley at Primary Sound Studios, The Furnace Room and Blockhouse Studios in Bloomington, IN, Live strings arranged and recorded by Steve Hampton at Emoto Studios in Santa Monica, CA Echo Horns and tape manipulation recorded by Jonathan Rado at Dream Star Studios in Woodland Hills, CA

Production and Mixing:
Fleming and Tim Smiley

Joe Lambert (JLM) in Brooklyn, NY

Cara Robbins