Carter Tanton

Carter Tanton

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LP includes mp3 download. CD in 4-panel cardboard wallet.
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Track List

  1. Out Fayette
  2. Willowy Five
  3. V Rose
  4. Steep Angles
  5. Uneven High Places
  6. Honey In Tea
  7. 22
  8. Mirrors
  9. Gunnin' For The Stem

Carter Tanton on his new self-titled album: “I recorded these songs from May to September 2017 in my childhood home which had been sitting empty on the market for nearly a year when I first brought over a microphone and laptop, guitar and piano. I set up in my parents old room because it had the best sunlight and quietest electrical grounding but from the start an allegorical quality ran underneath any surface level pragmatism I told myself was guiding things.
“The records which haunt me are the ones which have a definitive feeling of time. “Plastic Ono Band”, Cat Power’s “Covers Record”, “Seventeen Seconds”, The Blue Nile’s “Hats”and Lewis’ “L’Amour” all seem chiseled from one continuous strain of expression. A cosmic timestamp blooming through prismatic specificity. After nearly two years of listless work, each of these nine songs was written and recorded within one day. Any more time spent only weakened the original weight of the moment.
“One can never return home and there is no going back, cliched truths, but the search can yield a resonant borderline, a nervy nuanced space with mirror-like qualities coming in and out of focus. Diane Arbus spoke about wanting to photograph the space between who people believe they are and how everyone else sees them. It’s that psycho-spiritual DMZ which I called home while making these songs.”


Guitar, Piano, Vocals:
Carter Tanton

Piano on V Rose:
Robbie Bennet

Mixing tracks 1, 2, 4, 8, 9:
John Agnello

Jeff Lipton assisted by Maria Rice at Peerless Mastering