Shuta Hasunuma

OK Bamboo

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Track List

  1. OK Bamboo
  2. Return of the Bamboo
  3. Already There
  4. Discover Tokyo
  5. Niagara Shower
  6. Sunny Day in Saginomiya
  7. Paradigm Shift
  8. The Highest Point of
  9. Beginning Issue
  10. Idle Junta

Much like the bamboo plants that dominate Japan’s landscape, Shuta Hasunuma’s piano work on his new album OK Bamboo has an enduring, simple elegance. OK Bamboo’s title and compositions are the result of Hasunuma’s interest in the ancient relationship between Japan and bamboo. As he explains, “In Japan, bamboo is revered as a plant sharing properties of both wood and grass. It also has an enduring and remarkable strength. After bombings in times of war, when all of the people are killed and the buildings destroyed, often the bamboo plants are all that’s left standing.” Each track flits and twitters, growing and changing without warning. The result is a collection of enchantingly beautiful compositions full of meticulous details. This perfectly executed collage of digital and organic sounds immediately feels familiar and intimate, as it demands your attention.


Shuta Hasunuma