Two Point Discrimination

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Track List

  1. Leading
  2. Then
  3. From
  4. Light
  5. To
  6. Shadow
  7. They
  8. Will
  9. See
  10. As
  11. One

Two Point Discrimination marks Goldmund (aka Keith Kenniff)'s 3rd release after his highly praised debut Corduroy Road and follow-up 7" The Heart of High Places for Type Records. Part of Western Vinyl's Portrait Series, this collection features 11 short pieces for solo piano focusing on the sensation of touch and its relationship to sound. With emphasis on restraint and space, almost at times crossing into the inaudible, Kenniff's focus is not only on the sounds that are presented to the listener in an auditory environment but how those sounds are manifest physically. Such detail is brought out by the close micing of the piano so as to bring the listener right up to the hammers as they strike the strings, we hear the sound of the pedals being depressed, the sound of fingers moving across the keys. In the spirit of composers such as Howard Skempton and Morton Feldman, composition and sound culminate together as space is something that is dealt with directly. And interpretation along with improvisation are both tools that blur the lines between composer, performer and listener.


Keith Kenniff

Keith Kenniff

Carl Saff, Saff Mastering