Tetuzi Akiyama

The Ancient Balance to Control Death
CD in 100% recycled cardboard wallet, printed w/ vegetable-based ink, hand-assembled by Stumptown Printers.
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Track List

  1. Close the Door play
  2. Remember
  3. I Will Be With You
  4. The Sun Was Covered
  5. Break Silence
  6. Something From This Moment
  7. It Shall Not Be Your Tremble

Tetuzi Akiyama's contribution to the portrait series, The Ancient Balance to Control Death is a departure in a career of departures. In addition to Akiyama's trademark improvised, blues-infused, guitar work, the ep features intense multi-layered vocals. The end result is a collection of unique Japanese blues that could only have come from one of Japan's most distinct and creative improvisers.


Tetuzi Akiyama

1998: Simpoh Yanagawa, Laboratory of Phonic Aim; 2007: Taku Unami, Hibari Studio

Taku Unami, Hibari Studio