Here We Go Magic

Here We Go Magic

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Track List

  1. Only Pieces
  2. Fangela
  3. Ahab
  4. Tunnelvision
  5. Ghost List
  6. Your Eyes Spit (Vinyl Only Bonus Track)
  7. I Just Want to See You Underwater
  8. Babyohbabyijustcantstanditanymore
  9. Nat's Alien
  10. Everything's Big

Developed over a two-month period of stream-of-consciousness recording in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, Luke’s self-titled debut under his new moniker Here We Go Magic is a remarkable departure from his signature singer-songwriter material. Luke recorded the album at home using analog synths, a cassette 4-track, and his trusty SM-57 mic, coloring the sound with warmth and creating textures you want to wrap yourself in.
The album opens with the trance-inducing polyrhythms and gorgeous multi-layered vocals of "Only Pieces." What follows is an album oozing with sounds maternal and floating in amniotic fluid, ripe, hiccup-y and desperate to emerge. Many of the songs pulse with infectious afro-beat and kraut-rock influenced grooves, calling to mind classic albums like Remain in Light and Graceland. In contrast, the instrumental tracks conjure mystical introspective landscapes reminiscent of Popol Vuh's unforgettable ambience.
Despite the album's murky aquatic underpinnings it's hard to resist shakin what you got to ebullient blissed-out tracks like "Fangela" and "Tunnelvision." The album closes with "Everything's Big", a bleak commentary on weakness and fear birthed of opulence and gluttony. Luke's fragile tenor delivers this absurd carnival waltz with the fervor and abandon of a teetotaler under the influence, never breaking the spell of the album's mood of rejuvenation and release.


Luke Temple, Tyler Wood, Parker Kindred, Adam Kindred, Adam Chelinski & Michael Bloch

Luke Temple, cassette 4-track

Carl Saff, Saff Mastering