Glass Ghost

Idol Omen
Deluxe Vinyl LP with mp3 download card.
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Track List

  1. Time Saving Trick
  2. Mechanical Life
  3. Divisions
  4. The Same
  5. Like a Diamond
  6. Violence
  7. What I've Seen
  8. Ending

Glass Ghost represents the birth of a new musical force distilled from myriad influences, from J. Dilla to Deerhoof. The result is something completely refreshing, and fittingly, a little scary. It's the pairing of Eliot Krimsky's fragile and haunting falsetto with the group's bottom-heavy, hip-hop influenced rhythm section that yields the crystalline world propelled by Mike Johnson's ass-shakin' beats found on their debut Idol Omen. The unique world they've crafted serves as the perfect vehicle for the album's paranoid narrative, loosely following the metamorphosis of a modern businessman into some mysterious new form.
The arc of Idol Omen's tale is revealed in fragments as the detached protagonist wanders, observes, and occasionally interacts, with his surreal, often threatening, environment. While fear, anxiety and delusion effervesce from tracks like "Mechanical Life" and "The Same" the album ebbs and flows from frenzied to fatigued. Alternately, the beautiful and unforgettable “Like a Diamond” invokes reflections of resolute melancholy, while "Divisions" holds listeners captive in the bizarre images of a fever dream. The final track "Ending" provides a sense of release, as an unexplained confluence of events triggers the central character's eventual mutation and transcendence.


Eliot Krimsky & Mike Johnson

Additionql Performers:
Tyler Wood, Sara Schoenbeck, Lindsay Quayle, Luke Temple, Aerial East, David Sheinkopf, Fiona Ryan, Joan Wasser, Mike Gamble, Justin Wood, Sharon Van Etten, Joan Tick, Nathan Blehar, Jeremy Udden, Michael Beers, Pyeng Threadgill, Matt Iwanusa and Josh Sinton

Tyler Wood at 2-od Studio, Fort Greene, Brooklyn

Joe Lambert