Night People
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Track List

  1. Hold Me Down
  2. Stereo / Video
  3. Open Bar
  4. How To Fall
  5. Terrestrial Rooms
  6. Bright Angels
  7. Milking the Moon
  8. Turncoats

Night People is a series of character studies. Alienated and out of fashion, these people stay up all night, stumbling through isolation to explore trauma and ecstasy in search of their own glamour. The boundaries of reality dissolve in their environment, and the light from within transforms street lamps at last call into beacons towards infinity. Guided through fuzz and fog, truths emerge, as the knots binding sensuality and spirit unravel. In a world defined by EDM's music, the Night People's stories are projected, as reality turns into a film. Like the characters in his songs, songwriter and guitarist Daniel Burton has experienced a rebirth and transformation. Night People punctuates his catalog of work under the Early Day Miners moniker. Additionally, this release finds the band coming full circle, transitioning back to the Western Vinyl label, home of Early Day Miners' first record, Placer Found.
Just as the band's name has been abbreviated, their process of recording and producing has been been stripped down for this album. Unlike the meticulous self-production that defined Early Day Miners' albums, their first effort under the EDM moniker finds the band relinquishing engineering duties. Recorded and mixed by engineer Mike Bridavksy at Russian Recording in just five days, the Night People sessions have yielded the most expressive vocal and instrumental performances of Burton's career.


Dan Burton, John Dawson, Jonathan Richardson & Martin Sprowles

Additional Performers:
Kate Long, Daun Fields, Mark Rice, Luke Jones & Jonathan Jones

Mike Bridavsky at Russian Recording

Shelly Steffens, Chicago Mastering Service