“Joseph Shabason” / Joseph Shabason

From: Anne EP

“Heather Broderick” / Heather Woods Broderick

From: Invitation

“Machinefabriek” / Machinefabriek

From: With Voices

“Come and See” / Lean Year

From: Lean Year

“Westmeath” / Joseph Shabason

From: Aytche

“Curtain” / In Tall Buildings

From: Akinetic

“Sweet Home Alabama” / Caroline Says

From: No Fool Like An Old Fool

“Arthropoda” / Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith

From: EARS

“Softer Now” / Grooms

From: Exit Index

“Shapeshifting” / Christopher Tignor

From: Along a Vanishing Plane

“Sky Could Undress” / Balmorhea

From: Clear Language

“Eventually” / Abram Shook

From: Love at Low Speed

“Beginning to Fade” / In Tall Buildings

From: Akinetic

“When I Try I’m Full” / Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith

From: EARS

“Split Stones” / Lymbyc Systym

From: Split Stones

“Mayflower” / Diane Coffee

From: Everybody's a Good Dog

“Rare Beliefs” / Elephant Micah

From: Where in Our Woods

“Steve Polyester” / Ava Luna

From: Infinite House

“Comb The Feelings Through Your Hair” / Grooms

From: Comb The Feelings Through Your Hair

“Wyoming” / Heather Woods Broderick

From: Glider

“Flare Gun” / In Tall Buildings

From: Driver

“Sundry” / Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith

From: Euclid

“Home For The Holidays” / Glass Ghost

From: LYFE

“Green” / Diane Coffee

From: My Friend Fish

“Life is For The Living” / Glass Ghost

From: LYFE

“Blue Eyes” / The Rosebuds

From: Sand + Silence

“Still I Hear the Word Progress” / Lushlife

From: Plateau Vision

“Weights” / Nat Baldwin

From: People Changes

“Pyrakantha” / Balmorhea


“Heaven In A Wildflower” / Úlfur

From: White Mountain

“Coastal” / Abram Shook

From: Sun Marquee

“All The Young Girls” / Diane Coffee

From: My Friend Fish

“In The Night” / Gary Wilson

From: Electric Endicott