Nat Baldwin

After studying avant-garde jazz and improvisation with jazz legend Anthony Braxton, Nat Baldwin started writing songs featuring double bass and vocals. In 2005 he joined Dirty Projectors. In addition to his work with Dirty Projectors, he has performed on Grizzly Bear's Sheilds, Vampire Weekend's Contra, and Department of Eagles' In Ear Park. In between touring and recording with Dirty Projectors, Nat made time to record his 2011 album People Changes, an album that led Pitchfork to say "…whether Baldwin is singing with his throat or his bow, there's a thrilling felling of freedom to it all."



Selected Press

Nat Baldwin’s upright bass is Joanna Newsom’s harp, Andrew Bird’s violin - a partner so indispensable, it’s a personal trait. Over a gorgeous bull-fiddle hum, he belts out these melismatic flourishes... This delivery is terrifically earnest, terrifyingly intimate, and terribly special.

  • The Boston Phoenix
  • His musical imagination is expansive, while his lack of pretense is admirable

  • Pitchfork
  • Nat Baldwin has plenty of experience transforming experimental, progressive musical ideas into sweet sounding pop music. Baldwin applies the same concept to his solo work as well.

  • WNYC